East Guelph Sales

January 10, 2021

We signed 3 Marshall Drive to our Exclusive Network through Broker Bay in November 2020 after consulting with our client about her specific needs, it was the best fit. The property sold smoothly and for what our client wanted, that is always the goal. Here is what we know about the year over year and projected prices of Freehold Town Homes, in East Guelph…

Average Sale Price Year Over Year…

2017 — $461,693

2018 — $479,358

2019 — $502,184

2020 —$594,154

These numbers give us the year over year average appreciated value of 9.2%. There are obviously no guarantees, the local Real Estate Market can easily be affected by any number of constant moving variables. If the 9.2% average appreciation is close… Freehold Town Homes, built in the last 10 years, with 3 Bedrooms should have an average sale price of…

$648,800 (depending on finishes, location and market variables)

East Guelph is increasingly desirable to GTA buyers, local Guelphite families, investors, first time home buyers, and Down Sizers. A well executed marketing strategy should see all of them through the door with the right team effort. Get in touch for more information.

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