There are as many ways to invest in real estate as there are houses.  It can be a long or short term investment, urban or rural, a 1 bedroom apartment or a 2,000square foot detached house. There are a number of considerations when investing in real estate and most of the answers will depend on you and your individual goals and circumstances.

With stock markets volatile and commodity prices at an all time high having a physical investment like real estate and be reassuring. For those who are slightly less risk adverse, a property in a developed community with lots of amenities and infrastructure can be a relatively safe investment. For those who are a bit more adventurous or who are looking to expand an existing investment portfolio purchasing new construction before it is built (also called buying on spec), can reap fairly quick rewards once you are able to either rent or sell.  Maybe you want to save the rental expense for your kids while they go to college or university, maybe even hold onto it for a few years after, great! You’re investing not just in real estate but in their financial future.

No matter what your motivation is for being curious about real estate investment, we are excited to talk to you about the highs and potential lows of purchasing and owning real estate investments.

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