Selling Your Home In Southern Ontario


Sounds easy right?!?! Yeah, it should be. It is no secret that the average property in Waterloo & Wellington county have consistently on average appreciated by 5-8% year over year, with wild years in 2016 & 2020 pushing the values to 15% + in some areas. Equity in your home can have you turning your eye towards something new, maybe with the features that you would love but are missing in your current home. Your first move is NOT to run to MLS and slap a solid sign on your lawn. You have options to be explored first all depending on your goals, your financial position, your lifestyle, the temperature of the current market and more…so much more.

When we are working with our clients the sooner we know you are thinking about Selling the better. We don’t make the choice for you, you do, we just know all the options and moving variables and can be a valuable asset to your decision making process. The market is changing more rapidly than ever, what was a good option 6 months ago may not be the right option at the time you go to list. Fortunately, we are working everyday to stay on top of market trends for our clients’ benefit. There are some things that never lose their value when listing your home…

•  Professional photographers/ videographers  •  Staging  •  Cleaning  •  Market exposure  •  Negotiation Skills  •  A Solid Plan  •  An expert eye

With our team of professionals, Realtors and otherwise, we are focused on making our clients transitions from home to home as smooth as possible. We have listed homes, negotiated contracts and helped our clients get through some of the most unprecedented times, we want to put that experience to work for you. Book us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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