Sales Representative

I am a born, raised, and life resident of Guelph.  I love it here. I couldn’t imagine putting roots down anywhere else. I think that makes me qualified to help you do it too. Wellington County, Halton, Centre Wellington, Waterloo Region, and Hamilton have been my back yard my whole life, I have watched these areas grow & change with me over the years and I can see where they are going. 


My background isn’t conventional, a “school of hard knocks” would be a good phrase to describe it. I am the second youngest of seven kids, didn’t grow up with much but knew who I could count on. I grew up in the bar business, my Mother has been a bartender my whole life. I have worked every angle of a restaurant growing up, most of my years behind the bar just like my Mom. Lots of time there working on listening and hustling to keep up, you always have to be 10 steps ahead when you are a bartender. I had 3 kids out of high school and spent some time as a single Mom in my 20’s, making sure kids were fed, the house was maintained and I could still find time for myself…my time management skills are on point! I met my now long term partner Ken and started my own cleaning business in Guelph, this was the game-changer for me. Leg Up! Concierge was a custom quality home care service, for any household need. I took the time to understand how each household is different, and that I could work closely with clients to provide the service that met their family’s needs. I didn’t even have to advertise, referral was the backbone of my cleaning company, and a point of pride for me. Somewhere in there, Ken and I  had two little girls (five kids total), and I played Roller Derby for three years for the Royal City Roller Derby.

After working closely with some local Realtors, I decided that I may have some transferable skills, and I got my Real Estate license, the best thing I ever did. I am a good listener & assessor of complicated situations. I can solve problems with a heavy dose of empathy and compassion (sometimes humor), the People attached to the transaction are always my focus. I am patient, not without flaw. I know how to step outside of stressful situations and take in all the facts and lay them out, this I have found is my sharpest sword for my clients. Keeping high-stress situations in perspective for them is key to getting what they need to be done. Hard conversations,  I like to have them up front, during high-stress situations, we both don’t need our business partnership to start out on mismanaged expectations. When Rebecca Walker and I started working closely together we realized this partnership was going to benefit everyone, and our clients will have even better service. So, we formed a team and joined forces with RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc. to create The Hare Real Estate Collective.


Coming over to RE/MAX Real Estate Centre has allowed us as a team to provide top tier service to our clients, and allow no stone unturned when marketing property.  With the systems that we have implemented and the support of a credited Brokerage, I can honestly say that we will give every transaction the attention it deserves. It is a great feeling to have people in your corner as passionate as you are about your job. We look forward to sharing that with our clients every day. 


Sales Representative

I grew up in Kitchener, but chose to make Guelph my home.  I did my undergraduate degree at the University  of Guelph and loved my time here but I’ve always had itchy feet and decided to finish my degree at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. 10 years, dozens of countries and a Master’s degree later Guelph still felt like the best fit so I moved back.



When I started in Real Estate in 2013 the markets and the world looked like a much different place than it does now, but it has been so exciting to learn from, and expierience, all of the changes. The biggest change came when Sandy and I decided to pair our business and create The Hare Real Estate Collective. By combining our strengths we are better able to serve our clients and provide the quality, professionalism and trust they have come to expect from us both. 


I come from a competitive athletic and coaching background and approach real estate in much the same way. I want for all of my clients to be as informed and confident as possible in their purchase or sale BEFORE it comes to the moment of writing or accepting an offer.  That way when the time comes they have all of the skills to make the best choice for themselves.



With The Hare Collective and Re/Max Real Estate Centre my clients have the reach they need with their home search and sale. I couldn’t be happier to take my service to the next level. My philosophy is simple, Care for your people and the business will follow. Real Estate is a people business, and I love every minute of it. Looking To Buy?


Sales Representative

Prior to becoming a Realtor, I was a high-performance athlete. I fenced at two Olympic Games for Canada, and coached after retirement from competition, helping the next generation of young athletes make national teams and even realize their own dream of competing at the Olympic level. During this time, I bought my first home which needed a full remodel and learned how to transform a home without overspending. While the home’s value increased, the property became a revenue stream as a rental, and I began to understand the power real estate had, as a tangible and enjoyable investment. After purchasing and renovating a second home, I decided to get my real estate license and use what I’ve learned about construction and investment to help others make smart choices when making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.


Now I am fully dedicated to serving my clients with the utmost care and consideration.  Whether you are celebrating new beginnings, dealing with a difficult change, or growing an investment portfolio, my job is to find out what matters most to you during this important time and represent your interests without compromise using every resource available. Buying or selling real estate can be an emotionally charged event, and I will be the one in your corner keeping both your long-term and your immediate goals in mind. I am here for you as a trusted professional to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision for years to come. 

Our Associates:


Client Concierge 

Corinne has the perfect personality to be our Client Concierge. She is a friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable individual,  ready to help you get started down the path of your real estate journey.

What makes her so qualified for this position?

Corinne enjoyed a 30-year career in Real Estate services until her retirement. Her interest in real estate has remained strong, and keeping up to date with the market makes her a perfect fit with the team at Hare Collective.

Where Do I Start?


Mortgage Broker

We call him “The Mortgage Jedi” for good reason.  Jamie prides himself on really getting to know his clients and finding them the best possible mortgage solution for their homeownership goals.  He loves to answer your questions, providing you with clarity and confidence in your decisions.  He works with over 35 accredited mortgage lenders (including banks, credit unions and national lending companies), giving him access to a variety of options for his clients.

Whether you’re a First Time Buyer, Self Employed, or just wanting to know your options, reach out to Jamie and see what partnering with a Mortgage Jedi can do for you.

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