Guelph Sales: The Ward 2021

May 17, 2021

St. Patrick’s Ward in Guelph, in my opinion, is the neighbourhood with the most character. The area has always been a tight-knit community, rich in history, and has a blue-collar sensibility. A big part of the character has been the mix of family homes, businesses, large parks, and industry. Major factories like W.C. Woods & Biltmore Hats have closed, the Mom & Pop businesses still remain and Lyons park seems to get better and better. As time moves on the character of The Ward continues to grow deeper. Where factories once stood now have condominiums and luxury townhomes in their plots, still adding to the eclectic character. Even the old factory on Alice street is being revived, I can not wait to see what that brings, it is a beautiful thing to see, and for the most part, I think the planning has contributed and helped hold up the uniqueness of the area. The Sales….what has all of this done to the Sales… let’s go back 5 years and compare sales from 2016 to now….why not?!?

April Sales20162021
Average $$316,000$631,500
$/ sqft$313$480
2016 vs 2021 Sales in the month of April

This is over a 5-year spread, but as we can see whatever is happening to Guelph’s St. Patrick’s Ward, it is holding and increasing its value. The important value to consider is, how do the values in St. Patrick’s Ward hold up to the city of Guelph as a whole. The Average Sale price in the city of Guelph right now is approximately $750,000 and the average price per sqft is about $500/ sqft. Considering the sizes and styles of homes in the neighbourhood, from a sales perspective, the area holds up and follows the trends. If the sales were to be drastically different, that would be a problem, I think that considering the Ward is a mix of industry, businesses and residential, and it holds up its values compared to surrounding neighbourhoods shows that it is just as resilient and desirable as ever.

If you or someone you know is buying or selling and considering St. Patrick’s Ward? We can help with that.

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